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“Thanks Bo Peep’s. We love the comfort and protection that our Sheepskin car seats provide. They are the Best !!”
-Laura Rund, Hawaii Kai


Bo Peep's is Hawaii's premier source of Medical sheepskin. These products have been successful nursing aids for the prevention of pressure ulcers (bed sores) since the early 1960’s. The value and comfort of Medical Sheepskin products is derived from the springy 30mm pile of these specially tanned sheepskins. The high density (number of fibers per square inch) of soft, springy resilient wool fibers creates a cushion that distributes body weight and pressure points over a large area. Each fiber acts as a "mini-spring" that will conform to a body's contour; particularly at pressure points.  These are the perfect solution for that person who deserves a comfortable and pain-free bed.

Doctors Are Prescribing Medical Sheepskin For Its Natural Healing Properties.

January 04, 2012
By MidWeek Guest Writer 

Studies worldwide continue to show that sheepskins are an effective tool in the prevention of bedsores, and helping people rest better. More doctors are recommending sheepskins for their patients, for babies, and active men and women. Medical sheepskins help regulate body temperature, providing cool comfort in the summer and warmth in the winter. When used to sit or lie on, natural sheepskin distributes pressure evenly under the body allowing air circulation. It helps to relax and regenerate the body.

In 2003, a study by doctors at The Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia, showed that medical sheepskins reduce the likelihood of bedsores by 58%! They also found that bedsores are usually fully preventable!

Bedsores (AKA pressure sores, pressure ulcers), are a commonly encountered problem experienced by people who are confined to a bed or sitting in a chair for long periods. Confined movement creates pressure on the skin where the body weight is supported normally the lower back, buttocks, shoulders, and heels. This closes tiny arteries at the skins surface and prevents vital nutrients from reaching the skin tissue, the skin tissue dies and bedsores form.

Bedsores can cultivate in a matter of hours, and if untreated will develop into deep decubitus ulcers, which could eat through muscles and tendons. Seniors are most at risk because their skin is very fragile. Medical sheepskin’s soft springy wool helps prevent this from happening by distributing body weight, increasing air circulation around the body; reducing excess perspiration and helping people rest more comfortably. In another study by doctors at The University of Cambridge in England, they confirmed that babies actually grew better and slept more soundly on genuine sheepskins.


“My sheepskin keeps me warm at night when its cold and keeps me cool when its hot.” M. Yamaguchi, Wahiawa

“My dad is bed-ridden and started getting pressure ulcers. I bought a medical sheepskin from Bo Peeps and no more pressure ulcers! Mahalo!” M. Silva, Mililani

“After my husbands open heart surgery, he was having difficulty sleeping. As the doctor recommended, I bought him a medical sheepskin from Bo Peeps which helped to reduce his perspiration and improve his circulation. It worked so well we bought 3 more for other family members! Much aloha!” N. Oasay, Waipahu

“The only thing that’s helped with my nightly hot flashes is the sheepskin that I bought from your store. Thanks Bo Peeps for helping me sleep!” J. Takata, Pearl City

“My grandmother loves the sheepskin that I got her, but my grandfather kept stealing it so I had to buy him one too!” T. Ching, Hawaii Kai

“I am always happy with the service from Bo Peeps Sheepskin Warehouse. Their product quality is great and the free delivery is even better!” B. Lee, Aiea

“Thanks to the infant care rug from Bo Peeps Sheepskin, my husband and I can get more sleep during the night.” C. Leong, Kaneohe

Large Medical Rug (37" x 24") - Perfect for wheelchairs, office chairs, etc..


Bo Peeps Sheepskin in Honolulu has been supplying Hawaii with genuine Australian and New Zealand sheepskin for 32 years.  They are conveniently located at 627 South St or you can call 523-1115 for more information.  They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff! 

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