Bo Peep's Sheepskin

Hawaii's original place to find all that is sheepskin

“Thanks Bo Peep’s. We love the comfort and protection that our Sheepskin car seats provide. They are the Best !!”
-Laura Rund, Hawaii Kai

Serving Hawaii for over 30 years

Leigh Springer General Manager

Leigh Springer
General Manager

Bo Peep's Sheepskin Warehouse is Hawaii's original locally-owned business that has been serving the people of Hawaii, Guam, Canada and the U.S. Mainland for over 30 years.

We offer the highest quality Australian and New Zealand sheepskin at wholesale prices. High quality products include all aspects of sheepskin:

  • car seat covers & accessories
  • medical sheepskin
  • multiple sized floor rugs
  • pillows
  • bed underlays
  • infant care rugs

Sheepskin is easily dry cleaned and comes with a one-year factory warranty.